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    The sources of information multiply constantly throughout the years not only in number but also in type and amount of information generated. We don’t deal with only the traditional system-generated data but also raw data from sensors, social media feeds, etc. This trend presents challenges not only for processing the data but also transporting and managing it.

    The primary goal of Big Data and Analytics is to collect, analyze and provide value from all of the data received every day from all the various sources. The solutions in the space are focused on helping to make decisions in areas like production system monitoring and controlling, smart cities, fleet management, predictive maintenance, market research, etc. where the performance requirements for collecting, storing, managing and analyzing the information cannot be met with traditional approaches.

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    HDP secure configuration

    Interactive travel assistant

    Marketing campaign analyzer


    Realizing the potential of big data involves different steps in the process. The journey begins with understanding the data and the way it is related to the business processes, going through collecting and storing the data, then analyzing it and at the end incorporating the findings into the processes and the decision making. We help our customers understand, secure and realize the potential of the data they have as well as optimize their business practices and enable new business outcomes by:


    Intracol is heavily investing in extending its capabilities and building solutions in the area of Big Data. As part of our investment in our capabilities we have gone through a set of certification programs and have established partnerships with Hortonworks and MapR.

    We have built an extended expertise in both platforms provided by our partners:


    Hortonworks: One of the leading contributors in the Apache Hadoop projects. Provides a certified prepackaged full stack platform based on Apache Hadoop and Spark.

    MapR: Providing a custom integrated solution, built on top of Hadoop and Spark, optimized for performance critical systems.

    InteQrity: Providing highly professional services in the area of enterprise integration and architecture. A certified Oracle Gold Partner and Redhat business partner.

    Innexys: A dynamic consulting company with a focus on providing a complete suite of End-To-End Business Solutions to its customers and partners. Innexys’ core competence is Enterprise Collaboration, with specialization in CRM, ERP and BI.