Did you receive a call from Iriana? – The new automated notification system by INTRACOL


INTRACOL announced the market launch of its Automated Notification System – Iriana

A few well-known facts:

  • Staying close to customers is a key to the success of each business.
  • Sales and Marketing organizations are always looking for new channels and ways to improve the communication with clients, increasing the customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Large marketing campaigns are hard to setup and complex to execute.
  • Mass communication to customers today involves the usage of Contact Center which requires education for each interaction with additional costs per minute for each call.

The solution is one and only: Iriana

Iriana can reach hundreds of thousands of recipients with just a few mouse clicks. It can deliver voice and text messages to phone and mobile users, allowing recipients to provide input using their voice or keypad. With built-in multi-language speech recognition, Iriana facilitates organizing and conducting complex outbound and poll campaigns and collecting user input using natural language in the form of a conversation.

With Iriana clients can easily create and customize campaigns, collect and record feedback, export and import data, record, preview and download conversations, everything in one secure solution. The system can be easily integrated with third party systems.

“Iriana was created, combining our knowledge and deep expertise in the Cisco Collaboration and Unified Communications space with our clients’ business needs. Iriana is the outbound agent of the future, communicating with our clients in an automated and efficient way”, said Alexander Tzonev, CEO of INTRACOL

Did you receive a call from Iriana? – The new automated notification system by INTRACOL

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