Instant Connection Through Spark Lite


Intracol, a BULPROS company, launches the new desktop application Spark Lite which allows machine operators who are working on PCs, connected to measuring devices, to create support sessions and collaborate with remote experts.

The application is based on Cisco Spark for chat and file sharing and is able to cross launch WebEx for collaboration and desktop sharing. WebEx collaboration sessions can be recorded on demand and referenced in the chat room. 

How it works?

Machine Operators can request remote support by clicking on a “Support Case” button inside the app, providing some description of the problem and attaching files if needed. Spark room is being created for the newly requested case and dispatchers are automatically added to the room based on predefined rules and conditions.

Dispatchers can invite relevant remote experts to the room, according to the case. They can all collaborate using chat, upload files to the room and start a WebEx to perform further troubleshooting and screen sharing.

Once a case is closed, all data (messages, files, WebEx recordings) is being archived and uploaded to a file storage.


  • Instant messaging – the chat can be used to exchange useful information about the case;
  • File attachments – each participant in the room can upload files and see list of all files, uploaded to the room;
  • Start a WebEx – Machine Operator can join a WebEx session by simply clicking on the button inside the conversation dialog;

SSO certificate based authentication – application automatically requests and install certificate from a CA, which is later used for authentication to Spark. There is no need to enter the username and password each time the application is started.

Instant Connection Through Spark Lite

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