Intracol launches new app for seamless integration between Cisco Jabber and Google Apps


In these digital days, collaborating with colleagues, customers and partners is easier than ever before thanks to the great diversity of online collaboration tools. However, this diversity often causes interruptions in the workflow such as the constant switching between different apps, and this can lead to inefficient communication in the workplace or even to information loss.

In order to solve this challenge, Intracol, a BULPROS company, has launched a brand new app called CGLink that helps small and middle-sized companies increase team efficiency and optimize collaboration through seamless integration of Cisco Jabber and the Google productivity apps.

How CGLink works

CGLINK is easy and intuitive to use. Whilst working in Google Docs, Slides and Sheets, users can directly start a conversation with anyone who has the right to edit or comment on the file they are reviewing. They do not need to copy contacts from Google and search/paste them in Jabber anymore, but can now contact others straight from the Google application, using all functionalities that Cisco Jabber offers such as, for example, chat, call, user’s presence and desktop sharing.

All these functionalities are also available in Gmail and Google Contacts, from where users can directly start a chat or call via a Gmail hover card using Cisco Jabber. Last but not least the CGLINK app is easy to install.

CGLINK allows users to:

  • Integrate Jabber in Google applications such as Gmail, Docs, Sheets and Slides
  • Start a chat or call from a Gmail hover card using Cisco Jabber
  • Start a group conversation from an e-mail in Gmail or a document in Docs
  • Start contextual collaboration with Jabber contacts directly from a Google document
  • View other users Jabbers presence in Gmail hover card

What are the benefits of CGLink

  • Process Optimization – improve team collaboration by saving your employees time and efforts with the easy-to-use tool CGLINK
  • Increased Team Efficiency – enhance the teams’ performance and increase their productivity by providing them with streamlined, integrated and intelligent experience.
  • Efficient Remote CollaborationCGLINK introduces the modern workspace to your organization by enabling effective remote working and facilitating collaboration in distributed teams
  • Seamless Integrationbenefit from fluent integration between your Google apps and Cisco collaboration tools with just few clicks.

You can now request a free 14-day trial of CGLINK and see how it works for your business. Our promise: you will experience the benefits from the very first day!


Intracol launches new app for seamless integration between Cisco Jabber and Google Apps

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