Iriana – the customer care portal and your GDPR solution


The adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) was and still is one of the biggest challenges in 2018 for every company that is processing personal data in the EU.  Before its enforcement, one of the main problems was the need to obtain explicit consent from big number of customers in short period of time. Moreover, the companies had to find a way to attract the attention of the audience and differentiate from the competitors. In addition, the business needed to collect information from thousands of people and analyze the results is a task that requires time and significant resources to be performed.

Intracol, a BULPROS company, created a solution for all these challenges for one of our clients – innotec marketing GmBH – a company with more than 20 years of experience in complex and explainable IT-solutions & sales methods. Aiming at saving its customers’ contacts for future use and staying focused on their core business goals at the same time, innotec marketing GmBH chose Intracol  product Iriana – a customer care portal with automated call center service.

Using one of the functionalities of Iriana, our client was able to setup and execute a GDPR campaign, so that thousands of recipients have been reached automatically in just a few days in order to obtain their consent. Hundreds of person-hours were saved, allowing the call center agents to stay focused on the company’s main business tasks. Leveraging the benefits of Iriana at the right moment was a key success point for innotec marketing GmBH to ensure legal operations in the EU.

“Iriana is perfectly designed for quick e-mail and automated calling campaigns. Setting up a new campaign took me only a few minutes and several hundred calls were completed in no time, including automated e-mail sending after each call. This helps us a lot in saving personal resources and time”, says innotec marketing GmBH CIO Dominik Defilippi

We, at Intracol, believe that our mission is to be trustworthy advisor to our customers, collaborating with them to transform their business through data and technology. We are ready to help all companies, which want to be GDPR compliant, to benefit from Iriana’s functionalities.

More about Iriana

Iriana is a cloud-based solution, which delivers voice and text messages to phone and mobile users, allowing recipients to provide input using their voice or keypad. With built-in multi-language speech recognition, Iriana facilitates organizing and conducting complex outbound and poll campaigns and collecting user input using natural language in the form of a conversation.

Iriana provides the following features:

  • Easily customizable campaigns
  • Ability to collect and record feedback
  • Export functionality allowing results to be imported in third party systems.
  • Audio recordings for the entire conversation or just a part of it. The audio files are available for preview or download
  • Easy integration with third party systems using our APIs

Iriana‘s main benefits are:

  • Effectiveness and Results – you can save resources and time, optimize marketing and customer care cost and stay focused at your core business
  • Scalability – you are able to run large campaigns in a very short time and reach with immediate result overview
  • Two-way communication – you can deliver personalized messages, obtain consent and get insights about your business
Iriana – the customer care portal and your GDPR solution

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