Gathering the right team to work on an incident can take hours. Often people have to switch between different apps and artefacts generated and used during incident resolution process are scattered across different tools and not preserved.
Angelia is an Incident Collaboration Management solution to facilitate real-time collaboration during incident resolution, automating, unifying and speeding up the process. It integrates with various third party systems used throughout the incident management process and builds an environment where the team can collaborate and access all artefacts generated throughout the process. Angelia provides one archiving repository containing the full history of the incident resolution activities and all related artefacts.
Some of the benefits Angelia brings are:
  • Greatly shorten the time to gather a team to work on an incident
  • Provide a unified real-time collaboration environment
  • Collect in a single place all artefacts generated during the incident resolution process
  • Analyze and take advantage of the information about past incidents