Every small business is facing the challenges to manage cost but at the same time to be effective and use the resources in the most optimal way. Having a small office with small number of specialists usually presents the challenge of managing appointments with customers. Having a person to handle customer calls and manage the appointments in the calendar is useful but sometimes not cost effective. Having alternative way of staying connected to the customers and manage the appointments in the calendar is important for today’s small businesses.
Calidio allows you to stay engaged with your customers in situations where you need to pay attention to your ongoing engagements, for example, while having a customer meeting. The solution is an interface to Office 365 or Google calendar utilizing Tropo-based text-to-speech and speech-to-text technologies allowing customers to call and make an appointment in the first available and suitable for them slot without the need of human interaction.
Calidio provides the ability to:
  • Receive a call from a customer
  • Find the first appropriate available slot for an appointment
  • Schedule an appointment in the calendar
  • Confirm via SMS to the customer that the appointment is scheduled
  • Remind via SMS about upcoming appointment