Fimbur is a standalone instant messaging and presence web client. It is supported on all common platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac, Chromebook) and browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari). The product supports different types of XMPP servers, including Cisco CUP server.
Provides basic functionality such as:
  • Contacts management
  • Presence and presence updates
  • One-on-one instant messaging
  • Group chat
  • Support for emoticons
  • Multi-language support (Bulgarian, English, English-US, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Portuguese-Brazilian, Russian)
Provides further functionality through extension modules such as:
  • Single Sign-on
  • Custom avatar support
  • Contact integration and search with corporate LDAP directory
  • Web RTC audio and video calls
  • Initiating and receiving audio and video calls with Cisco CUCM registered devices
  • Custom themes and language support
  • Integration in third party applications
  • Add support for new platforms (BlackBerry, Tizen and etc.)
The client is developed as an HTML5 responsive web client that could work both as hosted and stand-alone application. In stand alone mode the application could operate as Chrome Application, Firefox Extension and Phone Gap Desktop/Mobile application. As such the application supports multiple platforms such as: Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and Chromebooks. Supported mobile platforms are: Android, iOS and Windows*.
When used as Hosted application Fimbur could be integrated with or into any web based third party application, adding IM, Presence, Group chat and Audio/Video call capabilities**.
The application uses a standard XMPP/BOSH communication protocol. This makes the application compatible with XMPP servers from various vendors.
*Support for further platforms could be added upon custom request.
**Audio/Video call functionality and interoperability with Cisco CUCM registered devices is provided through integration with Fimbur server – developed by Intracol technologies. The solution uses Web RTC and does not require any additional browser plug-in. Video support is available for limited browser vendors.