In today’s dynamic environment the need to keep up-to-date with new information and stay engaged with colleagues and partners is more pressing than ever. Modern workers spend significant percentage of their time attending meetings. Joining a meeting can be very focus demanding and not appropriate due to regulations or convenience issues. Having alternative way of staying engaged is important for today’s active workers.
Voice Control for Cisco WebEx automates the operation with your Cisco WebEx calendar providing easy ways to use natural language to control and access your meetings. You no longer have to keep track of meeting IDs, passwords or attendee IDs. You don't even have to switch between your Calendar, your Cisco WebEx application and your phone application - Voice Control handles it all for you, allowing you to keep collaborating in situations like driving or jogging.
Voice Control for Cisco WebEx™ provides the ability to:
  • Check for upcoming meetings
  • Schedule a new meeting
  • Join a meeting in progress with almost zero interaction
  • Send reminders for upcoming meetings via SMS
  • Call and offer to join current meeting
Using Voice Control is as simple as calling a dedicated local number and entering your PIN. An automated IVR, controlled with your voice, guides you through the different options providing seamless experience.